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Are you a designer, artist or creator working with digital fabrication tools common in Fab Labs? Want to travel free to Bilbao, with travel and accommodation and expenses paid, to design business strategies that will allow your project to grow with the help of stablished professionals from the Fab Lab ecosystem? Do you create market oriented products? Want to learn how to survive in the jungle? Then this might be interesting for you. Call is open until april 18th! 


The Project consists in two intensive mentoring sessions created to help designers, makers and emerging talents in their steps to create business strategies which are adapted to the new contexts of manufacturing and product sales in creative and cultural industries linked to Fab Labs and the Maker movement in general.

A total of six selected projects will go to Bilbao, with travel and accommodation and expenses paid, to receive mentorship from an interdisciplinary team to help them design a strategy and narrative that will help them surf successfully the digital wave. 

Maker to Market Bootcamp is an initiative by Espacio Open and its digital fabrication laboratory Fab Lab Bilbao, integrated in the Distributed Design Market Platform – DDMP (, a project funded in 2018 and 2019 by Creative Europe Program to implement the global network of Fab Labs and promoting and increasing the link between designers and makers with the European market.

The Distributed Design Market Platform will work from 2017 to 2022 to strengthen an international community of creative people made by hundreds of designers, makers, artists, scientists, engineers, educators, students, and amateurs connected to Fab Labs. It is a community having a great innovation potential that could find real opportunities in many sectors. It also allows to conceive new business models that take advantage from the possibilities of Fab Labs as fabrication, distribution and branding spaces to open new horizons allowing new emerging talents to find untapped market niches adapted to both their needs and principles.


The project has three stages:

  1. An Open call for designers/makers/creators interested in improving their skills in business strategy, storytelling and community building in order to orient their talent towards new market niches linked to cultural and creative industries trough Fab Labs and the Maker movement.
  2. A total of six projects from EU countries will be selected by a Evaluation Committee composed by maker/design/business strategy professionals. Selected ones will assist to the intensive sessions in Bilbao.
  3. After the Bootcamp, selected talents will be able to expose their projects as part of the Distributed Design Market Platform ( The objective is to help them design long term business strategies that will allow them to benefit from all the Fab Lab network and Maker movement potential.


We’re looking for people with ongoing projects linked somehow to Fab Labs and Maker movement. The projects should be oriented to product sale.

The Call is open to any project from designers, artists, makers and other emerging talents. They can be professionals, students or amateurs who are in professionalization process.

 Design and the designer’s role are evolving and adapting to a new digitized world. We see the rise of a new kind of designer that challenges how goods are produced and how customers relate to their products. The Maker movement is a loose global movement of individuals who focus on making physical projects but with a digital layer and digital tools, often with collaborative processes and the sharing of the digital files or documentation. Makers often meet and work in globally-networked laboratories such as Fab Labs, Makerspaces and Hackerspaces that provide access to a local and global community of like-minded actors and to several digital fabrication technologies able to manufacture easily and locally digital projects. We call the union of these two trends Distributed Design.

 These new designers and makers design, self-produce and take part in the distribution of their products. They work with new technology and digital platforms that allows for global sharing, co-design and distribution. More products are now designed, created and shared  in global platforms and are produced locally with local materials, in small batches and customised to the needs of the consumer.

Distributed Design paves the way for a new entrepreneurial designer who has a new and profound influence on how design is made and how design meets customers as prosumers – focused on good design, smart manufacturing and quality emerging along with a new type of “users” wanting to connect with the products they own.


Regarding the selection criteria for this first edition of the Maker To Market Bootcamp, projects must reflect on some of the following aspects:

DISTRIBUTABLE: the design can travel globally to be manufactured locally;

  • Is the design accessible through digital platforms? Eg. through an online repository or online archive where files can be downloaded.
  • How is the project already distributed in the world? How many times it has been downloaded, made, bought, assembled, forked.
  • What is the distribution strategy? Is it produced in a central factory and shipped to the world?

REPRODUCIBLE: the design takes local availability into account and is based on globally available materials and hardware;

  • Does the product allow for customisation?
  • What is the strategy for supply chain and manufacture of the product? Is the production of the product close to to its final consumption?

VALUABLE: the design creates value for people, companies, and/or society.

  • Are there principles of circular economy in the product?
  • Is it designed or developed by the use of extended intelligent tools?. E.g. Machine Learning or Parametric Design tools.
  • What is the impact expected of the project? Is it trying to solve a specific issue?


A jury with specialists in design, strategy, community-building in the Fab Lab network and the Maker movement will assess the different proposals. A total of six will be selected to join the Bootcamp.



The Maker To Market Bootcamp will address the following aspects:

  • PANORAMIC VIEW: Know the market oriented Fab Lab / Maker ecosystem with the help from the DDMP project and its collaborators. This will allow you to identify, both locally and globally, business opportunities who are consistent with your project and its objectives.
  • DIAGNOSTICS: Recognised maker community members, researchers and social entrepreneur will walk you through a session to clarify your stakeholders map , and both you business and community building strategy. This will allow you to have a better view of what niche markets should you aim to and what tools or allies you need to succeed.
  • MATCHMAKING: You’ll hear from many creative and cultural industries executives, as well as other sectors linked to the DDMP platform to know what are their needs and thus connect with clients and adapt your product and services portfolio to the market reality.


Selected projects will have broad visibility during Maker Faire Bilbao, where they can connect with some of the best european makers and general public.


Wednesday 27th February 2019: Open Call launch.

Thursday 18th April 2019: Call for proposals is closed.

Friday 17, Saturday 18 May 2019: Maker To Market BootCamp 

May to October 2019: Promotion of the selected projects in the DDMP / Fab Lab / Maker Faire networks.


Participating is easy. Candidates can submit their proposals until sunday 31st march 19 through the following form:


Want to know the six selected projects for the year 2018? Press here



tel +34-944-75-12-75





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