Maker to Market BootCamp. Meet the selected projects!

Only a few days left for the Cookie Factory to host the Maker To Market Bootcamp of the Distributed Design Market Platform (DDMP) project, financed by the Creative Europe Program to implement the global network of Fab Labs and promoting and increasing the link between designers and makers with the European market. The selected projects are:




CALEIDUINO is an interactive digital caleidoscope based on Arduino. CALEIDUINO is a toy, an artistic object. It’s also a tool to learn electronics in a fun and creative way. + info here


Plastic Smoothie


Plastic Smoothie allows you to create your own kitchen-size plastic recycling factory. The main goal is clear: to give a new life to plastic waste making simple and customizable products. es un proyecto accesible y abierto con un objetivo claro: darle una nueva vida a los desechos plásticos mediante la creación de productos sencillos y customizables. + info here



erKo, healthy furniture



erKo es un taburete ergonomico con objetivo de reeducar la postura de manera dinámica y oferta una gran libertad de movimiento. Este producto está orientado para clientes sensible a la salud y bienestar (medicos o pacientes), por espacios de trabajo (recursos humanos), proveedor de muebles de oficina, ortopedico, o de salud natural. + info here


SAN (Self Aware Network)

Un kit de construcción que sabe cómo está siendo ensamblado y proyecta sus cambios en la pantalla en tiempo real. Tiene posibles aplicaciones en educación, arte y arquitectura experimental. + info here



Palpatine is a bra made by laser cutting technique which structure suggests to the users the correct movements for breast self-examination. + info here



he Y and X components, is a 3d printed block that in combination with one another can be used for a variety of applications, for instance like a planter, room divider or a facade.The components can be connected by snapping them together from various sides; this allows to create multiple configurations on four different axes. The geometry is complex, and currently can only be manufactured by additive technologies. Materials are selected depending on the application. The prototypes, are developed on biodegradable PLA. Being algorithmically developed, its size is configurable depending on the need or final application. + info here

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